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How to Use Mirroring to Make Someone Like You

Learn how to use mirroring to make someone like you in this body language video from Howcast.


How do you use mirroring to make someone like you? You don't! You're not going to be good at it. Some of you will be, there's a small percentage of people that will be able to slowly, subtly mimic somebody, or mock somebody. But for the most part you're going to look like an idiot. So don't do it. Just be mindful of when it happens. That's better.

Alright. So one of the things, like, the example is if I am in a bar, I don't like to be overtly touchy. I would like to see when people touch me. Alright. So if I'm talking to a girl, and all of a sudden she, you know, I'm not going to go out and touch her, I'm going to wait. Okay? She hasn't touched anybody, she hasn't touched me. In 20 minutes, now, when we're starting to get closer, she's starting to touch me. It's like a good litmus test, or a way of defining what's going on. It's interesting. But, like, yeah. Don't do that. For the most part, a lot of sales books say that. A lot of this. I've very rarely found people who can do it effectively.

If you are going to mimic something, mimic the level of eye contact. Even then. See, like, if you mimic somebody else's behavior, and their behavior sucks, then you suck. So like if all of a sudden, you know, the person is sitting like this, and you're like, okay let me sit like this, or the person's sitting like this then you don't look good. So it's not effective. You can do it, but the context has to be perfect.

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