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How to Use Body Language to Flirt

Learn how to use body language to flirt in this Howcast video.


Alright, so flirting is essentially incongruent, that's what it is, right? So, people, I've struggled with that for a long time, like I know how to flirt, and I know how to teach people to flirt, but how do you explain flirting? Flirting's incongruent. So flirting is insulting somebody, but at the same time smiling while you're doing it. Flirting is looking at someone and saying yeah that's a really nice sweater, but you're like jokingly making fun of them. So your non-verbals are reflecting what? That you're smiling, you're happy, your joking around, but your content is reflecting something else. So it's kind of like the girl who looks over her shoulder and runs away and smiles back at you, right? She's incongruent because she's running away, she's leaving you, but at the same time she's looking back and smiling. So it's like the discrepancy in comunication, and that's what flirting is. It's interesting, it's flirting because we're not sure what it means. It's like, yeah, I think they're kind of flirting with me. It's never overt. If it's overt it's not really flirting, it's a little bit different. Flirtings more delicate, it's more balanced, so one of the ways to flirt is to be incongruent. There's tons of ways you can be incongruent, it's just that it's demonstrating one thing and saying the other.

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