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How to Use Body Language to Lie

Learn how to use body language to lie convincingly in this Howcast video.


One of the cool things about lying is, one of the cool facts essentially is that extroverts lie more than introverts even when you account for the fact that extroverts talk way more than introverts, and this is the cool thing. While extroverts lie more than introverts we most of the time accuse introverts of lying because introverts they are not the best communicators, they may look down, or they are not used to saying things. So if you wanna lie your presentation has to be flawless. It is that simple. The more animated you are, the more you know, the more vested, the more interesting you are, the more confident you are, the more or likely people are believe your story. Because essentially what happens is they don't focus on the story, they focus on the presentation, they see that you are engaging, oh we went to the store, we went to this and they get caught up in that and then they fail to see oh wait that doesn't make any sense. When you sit there we went into this we went into that, they are more or like, they are more likely to catch things. So if you are gonna lie you need to be convincing, you need to be persuasive and more persuasive you are the less likely people are going to accuse you and the less likely they are to not believe your story. They are gonna to believe you. you got to be convincing, but not too convincing. When you're too convincing it comes off little fake. So you get the delicate balance of being effective communicator. Think of the time when you were really passionate about something, let's say you won a basketball game when you were younger and it was a big event. Try to take that passion, that energy, and the lie will be a lot more effective.

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