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How to Use Body Language to Show Confidence

Learn how to use body language to show confidence in this Howcast video.


So confidence is an extremely important thing. We like confident people. We trust more confident people. One of the things in my life is like whenever I see confidence, I'm drawn to it. So one the big issues, this sounds weird, but one of my big problems is shaving. So I can't shave because I break out a lot. Right? I always go to these barber's to get shaved and I always break out. So I go to this old guy's shaving spot and I tell him, "Listen, don't do three razor shave. Just do one." But he's so confident in his movement and his body language. He's like, "No, sit. I cut hair for 20 years. You'll be fine." So I'm just like, "Alright. Let's do it." He butchered me. I was like bleeding. It was terrible. But I believed in his confidence. It's something that's very important. I tend to believe in people who are confident.

So how do you display confidence non-verbally? It's kind of simple. Forward moving motions. Forward moving motions in the sense that if you want to say something. If you want to go in a certain direction, go. You see a lot of people in meetings who want to say something, they raise their hands like. If you want to raise your hand, raise your hand. Right? If you want to make a statement, make a statement. It needs to be forward moving. You can't hesitate at all.

Also people who smile more are going to be a lot more confident. Posture is an indication of confidence. Right? So there's a big difference in like, "Well, no, yeah, no. I'm really interested. No, I believe I can do this job. I really have the confidence." And the other guy goes, "Listen, I can do this. Are you kidding me? This is something I can do. This is not even an issue." There's a big difference between those two communications. It's a difference in tone. It's a difference in the way I'm addressing. It's a difference in speed. It's also a difference in the way I'm sitting. It's all these things. It's not just one thing.

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