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How to Read Body Language in the Workplace

Learn how to read body language in the workplace in this Howcast video.


Body language in the workplace tends to be a little bit different because you have to have this professional, sort of, demeanor or professional attitude. And the reason why is it slows down a lot of non-verbals. People are more, you're looking for slip ups more than anything else, right?

And one of the things you can look for, so like, how to read body language in the workplace as it relates to attraction, is look for eye contact and touching. Those are the two biggest things people do that are attracted to each other in jobs. So they'll make little eye contact during a meeting over and over and over again. They'll glance at each other in a certain way.

Or distances. So like, on the lunch line watch John's distance between everybody else. And then, all of a sudden, John's distance between Alexa is really, really, really close. It's like, that's interesting. Because people know they can't publicly, like, just hold somebody's hand or touch somebody, so we do these little cute things to show that we still like somebody.

And one of the things I do in consulting is, like, I walk into a group and I see six people interacting and I'm like the reason why you're not making money is because Jessica and John are having sex. And that's the reason, I mean, that's going to cause a lot of, that's going to disrupt the group dynamic.

So understand that when you're in a job environment, when you're reading body language, it's very subtle. Everything's going to be subtle. So go play that game in the office. Pick somebody and look at their distances. I guarantee they like somebody or they're doing something with the person they stand closer with.

You're looking for deviations, slight deviations. Eye contact in meetings. All of a sudden, somebody says something, like some weird comment about Cabo, makes some joke about a destination, or France. And all of a sudden two people kind of like glance at each other real quickly and then smirk and then look down, something went down in France.

That's just kind of what you're looking for.

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