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How to Read Your Boss' Body Language

Learn how to read your boss' body language in this Howcast video.


Alright, so your bosses body language is something that disrupts a lot of people. You need to understand. You need to take a baseline of your boss's body language. Too many people watch their bosses body language and think that is a reflection of their performance. When in reality it is just how their boss acts. So their boss acts the same way to their wife or to her husband as they do to you. So a good thing is to get a grasp and baseline your boss. See how your boss interacts with their boss. See how your boss interacts with their wife with their secretary. So that when you are interacting with them you kind of know where you stand. If your boss is friendly with everybody else but is not friendly to you then that kind of means something. If your boss is not friendly to anybody and not friendly to you it does not really mean much. It means he is acting in accordance with how he communicates. So one of the way to read body language in your boss is to pay attention he or she deals with everyone. Alright, it is very very very important to many people are like "I don't think he likes me". It's nothing to do with you. It has to do with him. Perception is really really important.

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