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About Our Body Language Expert

Learn about Howcast's body language expert in this video.


My name is Blake Eastman. I'm the founder and owner of the Non Verbal Group which is a body language consulting company in, based in New York City. So the Non Verbal Group has two goals, the first is research and the second education. So we do a lot of research revolving around videos. So we videotape a lot of human interactions, set up a lot of mock studies in order to ascertain what's the most effective non verbal communication in any given area. And the second part is really education so we educate people. I have a strong background in psychology, in primarily forensic psychology and I have my masters in forensics and I essentially moved from an academic field to more of a private one because I thought we could do more interesting research privately as opposed to in academics. When I graduated I was playing poker professionally at the time and I made a lot of money and I just took that money and funded research in non verbal communication. So I've been doing that for the past six years essentially. In addition to teaching there, I also teach at the City University of New York where I teach psychology in group dynamics and developmental psychology. In addition to that I also own a poker school called School of Cards. I'm really passionate about communication and specifically non-verbal communication because so many people get it wrong, I think so many consultants get it wrong. Communication's a back and forth exchange. So there's no one uniform way to communicate. You're just looking for response. So for example, I could be communicating to a group of kids a certain way but then change my method of communication towards a group of adults. It all depends, communication's relative and too many people think that there is a finite or one way of communicating and there's not. It's all about being effective, it's all about being an effective communicator and essentially what the non verbal group does is try to make people more effective communicators. If you want to find out more about us you can check out or check out our youtube page which is

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