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What Makes Garlic a Superfood?

Learn what makes garlic a superfood from nutrition coach Lisa Neilsen in this Howcast video.


The next superfood is one of the oldest medicinal foods around -- garlic. And in ancient times garlic was used to keep slaves and warriors healthy. The reason why garlic is a superfood is that studies have shown that by consuming a garlic supplement consistently for four weeks you can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease by up to 12%. It is interesting to note to get the full benefits of garlic it's best to dice it and chop it very finely and that releases all the nutrients into the food that you are preparing. Another interesting thing about garlic is that it has the ability to increase the good cholesterol and reduce the bad cholesterol. It also decreases the risk of stomach and colon cancer. So garlic is definitely a superfood you want to add to your diet. So whether you want to start spicing up your food with garlic or take a garlic supplement, either way you can't help but win.

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