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What Makes Pumpkin a Superfood?

Learn what makes pumpkin a superfood from nutrition coach Lisa Neilsen in this Howcast video.


Pumpkins, a food typically eaten only at Halloween are actually a superfood and deserve to be in your diet all year around. There's two main reasons why pumpkins are a superfood. One is that they are loaded with beta carotene; the other is that they are high in potassium. And the potassium equalizes the water levels in your body, so it reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease. Pumpkin is also high in beta carotene which reduces the risk of lung and colon cancer and also high in vitamin A, C and E. There are lots of fun ways to enjoy pumpkin. One of the things you can do in off season is buy organic canned pumpkin and experiment with adding pumpkin into your soups. The other thing about pumpkin is that the seeds are super-nutritious as well. So they are great for adding into soups and salads. So go ahead and experiment, and try pumpkin all the year around.

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