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How to Eat to Lower Blood Pressure

Learn how to eat to lower blood pressure from nutrition coach Lisa Neilsen in this Howcast video.


I often get asked by my clients what should I be eating to lower my blood pressure. The typical advice you get from your doctor for ways to lower your cholesterol would be to lose weight if you're not in a healthy weight range; reduce the bad cholesterol in your diet; reduce the amount of salt in your diet and maybe add a few vitamins like vitamin D to your diet regimen. One of the ways you can reduce salt in your diet is by moving away from canned and processed foods. The hidden sodium in many of our canned and processed foods is the way that a lot of salt unknowingly creeps into our diet. So one of the ways you can effectively reduce the amount of salt in your diet is by going more with natural whole foods. So some of the natural whole foods that would help lower your blood pressure are things like spinach, sunflower seeds, beans, baked white potatoes, bananas and soybeans and finally, dark chocolate which has a lot of antioxidants. One website I refer my clients to look for a complete dietary approach to reduce your hypertension is DASH which is Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. And this will give you a whole host of dietary suggestions and meal planning that you can implement to naturally reduce your blood pressure.

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