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How to Eat to Raise Good Cholesterol aka HDL

Learn how to eat to raise good cholesterol, aka HDL, from nutrition coach Lisa Neilsen in this Howcast video.


Many of my clients ask me what are the ways that they can increase the good cholesterol in their diet. And typically I don't provide them with just a laundry list of foods to add to their diet. We take a step back and look at all food groups and look to upgrade the entire diet. But to get you started here are four foods that you can crowd into your diet to increase the good cholesterol. The first one are eggs. Believe it or not, the recent research about eggs are that eaten over a 30-day period they will help to increase the good cholesterol in your body. The next one would be dark chocolate, one of my favorites. You want to make sure that you are getting 60% cacao with dark chocolates. The next one would be fish. These have the good omega 3 fats that are going to increase the good cholesterol in your body. And the last one would be garlic. And I'm not encouraging everyone to run around with garlic breath but garlic has the ability to increase good cholesterol well at the same time lowering bad cholesterol. So if you are concerned about garlic breath you can try garlic supplements. It's important to increase the good cholesterol because it reduces your risk of cardiac disease.

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