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How to Eat to Control Diabetes

Learn how to eat to control diabetes from nutrition coach Lisa Neilsen in this Howcast video.


I work with many clients who are diabetic and they are often confused about what are the right food choices to make to control their diabetes. So typically what you will hear from the doctor would be to reduce your portions if you need to lose weight, reduce carbohydrates in your diet, and restrict calories. One of the latest studies coming from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has shown that a plant-based diet can significantly help to manage diabetes. And what the study found is that whole grains, grains like barley and quinoa which are complex carbohydrates when added into the diet can help stabilize blood sugar levels. And also the high levels of animal protein that are found in our diets can slow down the impact of the insulin that you are taking when you are diabetic. So I highly recommend if you are diabetic checking out the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine website at and you will find a wide variety of suggestions and helpful tips on how to begin to implement a plant-based diet. But here's are a few things to get you started. Reduce the amount of animal protein and hydrogenated oils in your diet and favor low glycemic index foods and high fiber. Again, I suggest that you take a look at the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and try experimenting with the plant-based diet.

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