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What Are the Healthiest Breakfast Foods?

Learn about the healthiest breakfast foods from nutrition coach Lisa Neilsen in this Howcast video.


So what would some of the healthiest breakfast foods be? I'm always surprised when I find out how many of my clients don't start their day off with a healthy breakfast. My theory on food is that, food is fuel and we need to be fueling our bodies for the most active times of the day which would be, you know morning in the office, morning commuting or what ever your morning activities would be. And when we skip breakfast we are starting on empty and we are putting unnecessary strain on the body. The other thing I believe about breakfast is that we don't necessarily have to have sweet sugary breakfast. We can have lunch for breakfast, we can have dinner for breakfast, we can have any food that we think its gonna fuel us for the kind of day we are gonna be having. And that's what I do with my clients as I work with them to balance out their meals so that they are using food to fuel them throughout the day. What would some typical breakfast foods be that I would suggest my clients and corporate into their diet; oatmeal, berries, peanut butter, eggs, whole grain cereal or fruit salad, fruit smoothies and whole grain toast. One of my favorite power breakfast, and I try to go for a power breakfast when I have a big morning or a big meeting that I have to make sure that I'm alert and have a lot of energy for would be whole grain bread with peanut butter. You are getting a high quality protein and you are getting complex carbohydrates and it will fuel you through your stressful busy day.

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