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How to Choose a Healthy Snack

Learn how to choose healthy snacks from nutrition coach Lisa Neilsen in this Howcast video.


So what would be considered a healthy snack. Many of my clients try to avoid snacking and it's often thought of as a sign of weakness. But actually when your body is sending you a signal that it wants something to eat, it needs the energy to keep you fueled throughout the day, so it's okay to snack. The problem is that many of the snack foods that there are marketed to us are not high in nutrition. So what we want to do is plan for healthy snacks. So what would be some ideas for healthy snacks. I like to categorize my snacks into 4 different areas. One would be crunchy snacks so things like apples and carrots. Another might be sweet snacks which might be fresh whole fruit, dark chocolate, sweet veggies like corn, sweet potatoes. The next group would be salty, so some healthy salty snacks would be pickles, hummus or edamame. And the last group is creamy and healthy creamy snacks might be things like smoothies or yogurt or avocado or rice pudding. So again snacking is OK; with our busy lifestyles we often go for many hours between meals and it's OK to snack, but you want to snack in a healthy way.

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