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How to Do the Ball Change Cross Jazz Dance Move

Learn how to do the ball change cross from jazz dance expert Liz Piccoli in this Howcast dance video.


Now I'm gonna demonstrate a ball-change-cross. Arms pressed up, we step out. Ball-change-cross, ball-change-cross.

Let me break that down for you. You're gonna step out with your right leg, arms lifted, up on the ball of your toe. That's why they call it a ball. I've seen a lot of these done incorrectly and they do flat-change-cross. Not a good thing. You need to do ball-change-cross. So it's up on the toe, down on the left leg, with a bent knee and then you cross your right leg in front with a turned-out position. Ball-change-crosses are turned out not parallel.

Again, we're going up, down, cross and then you're gonna reverse it to the left. Go up on the left ball of your toe, down on the right foot, and cross with the left with a nice turned-out position. Arms are pressed down, the stomach and the core are activated and our finger tips are stretched out to the side.

That's a ball-change-cross. Ball-change-cross, and then faster, get up shoulders and don't forget to smile. Ball-change-cross.

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