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How to Do the Axel Turn Jazz Dance Move

Learn how to do the axel turn from jazz dance expert Liz Piccoli in this Howcast dance video.


Now, I'm going to show you what an axel turn looks like. Starting in fondu tendu, and chaines, axel. Let me break that down for you. Starting in fondu tondu, first position, tendu devant, fondu or melt, the left supporting leg. Chaines in parallel position. You start with a tombe. Nice big lunge. Then left leg goes into parallel. The right leg extends devant, a la seconde into parallel passe. At the same time, you'll be tucking and jumping the supporting leg and extending the arm out, up to third and down. Let's try that a little bit slower. And down, down, up, down. You then step out of the axel. So, you're going to land in a nice fondu position. Left leg is bent and then you're going to step out with a tendu derriere. It is important to teach your students both the right side and the left side, so that the body is equally balanced. And left. A great exercise to teach children is if you place your hands on the bar and you go front, side, in and tuck. Front, side, in and tuck. You make them do that in a consecutive manner and that strengthens the supporting leg. Also, always think about your center, lifting up, up, up. And the arms listing up as well. A lot of times people do this and we don't want that. We want a nice extended line and long necks. And that's the axel turn.

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