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How to Do the Contraction Jazz Dance Move

Learn how to do the contraction from jazz dance expert Liz Piccoli in this Howcast dance video.


Alright, now this is a contraction. A very traditional jazz move. Contraction. You're making a C shape with your core. Your shoulders are pressed down. And open. You can also incorporate an expansion with a contraction. So this is a contraction and then an expansion is chest open and limp in towards the sky. Nice coffee cup up towards the ceiling is how they say. You could put a coffee cup in your chest. So again, going this way, it's contraction, expansion. Contraction, expansion. I have a great exercise to teach children, also adults, and here it goes.

You start out in first position and your arms are going to lift up into second position. And then you're going to do parallel second into the contraction facing the right. Reverse it. Up and open. Nice second position. And then parallel contraction facing left. You'll then do that with a little bit more speed. So it's, open and contract. And open and contract. Two more. Contract. And open and contract. That helps train people to get your legs in place with your hips and to also use the core and to center yourself. And here's a contraction exercise. Turn out. First position. Arms low fifth. And raise to high fifth. And plié second. Contract right. And second. Open. Nice work. That's a contraction.

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