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How to Do the Hip Walk Jazz Dance Move

Learn how to do the hip walk from jazz dance expert Liz Piccoli in this Howcast dance video.


Okay. Now I'm going to demonstrate what a hip walk looks like. Arms pressed back. Up on your toes. And we rock, hip, hip, hip, hip. So that's a stylized jazz walk. And now I'm going to break it down and explain exactly how it's done. Your arms are going to be pressed back behind you, sort of cupping the hips. Okay. Elbows are pressed. Chest is lifted.

Our tummy is activated. Our core is activated. Your going to relieve all the way up on your toes. And how I was taught this was that you need to think about walking in a pencil skirt on a tightrope. Yes. Pencil skirt and a tightrope. So you're going up on the toes, and the hip rocks out to the right. And then up on the toes, hip left.

Come all the way up, and you can see on the first arch, relieve as high as you can go. It's like your walking in your grandmother's high heels. So again, you lift up nice and tall. Relieve. Hip walk to the right, left, right, left. This take a lot of balance and control and style, and it looks a lot easier than it is. But with practice you'll be fine. So this is a hip walk going slowly, and then I'll do it a little bit faster. Slow. Good. Now a little bit faster. And stylized walk it out. Hip walk. Five, six, seven, eight.

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