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How to Do the Drag Step Jazz Dance Move

Learn how to do the drag step from jazz dance expert Liz Piccoli in this Howcast dance video.


Another great Jazz move is the Jazz drag step. I'll show you what it looks like. And you're going to start out with your right foot extended. Then go up on your releve, drag and cross over on the step. And that's a drag step. Let me break it down a little bit with more technique.

This is parallel, fondue, your right leg is extended. You're going to push off of your left leg, up onto your releve and developpe your arms nice and lifted toward the sky. You're going to hold up on that balance. The left toe is going to drag across the floor, the big toe. That's why they call it the drag step.

So you're dragging that big toe across the floor, lifting your body up, and then you're crossing your left leg in front of you in a nice fondue forth position. Again, nice and slow. Drag, step. This is a great exercise to do for children and adults across the floor in a continuous motion. So you're just going drag, step, drag, step, drag, step. And it teaches them how to move quickly across the floor.

Other side, starting in dance position. Drag, step. So nice and slow first. The drag step goes drag, step. Other side. Drag, step. Other side. Now I'll do it a little bit faster in a circular position so that you can see how it travels. Drag.

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