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How to Do the Fan Kick Jazz Dance Move

Learn how to do the fan kick from jazz dance expert Liz Piccoli in this Howcast dance video.


Okay, now let me show you how to do a fan kick properly. Start with a fendu tendu and you go tombe, shan, fan kick. Fan kicks can be on releve in either force start with a fendu or with a stretched leg. You can do them with a pique as well. Let me show you with a pique. So that's a tombe and then you step up on the left leg with straight pique leg and you go tombe, up and around.That's a fan kick.

Important with fan kicks is that the kick starts all the way to one corner and then fans all the way around. That's why they call it a fan kick. A lot of times when they're done incorrectly you start them low and then go high to the diagonal. That is not right. You need to go from the one corner as high as can go to the other corner as high as you can go in a nice fan position.

Again, nice and slow, broken down. You start with a tombe, bent knee. You can either do parallel or pique. We're doing parallel right now. With bent knees. Then you push up to the left leg, releve as you push off your right foot into the bonfa [SP] to the quasi position and you push up and around. The arms lengthen up through the body, high fist, open a second, twist around, the core is elongated.

Let's try left. Some people are a little stronger on the left. Down, down, push up and around. Good. Down, down, up and down. Try to really work on the extension lifting up and around with your students. That will help with the beauty of the step.

Now consecutively two in a row. This is great for across the floor exercises. Down, down, fan. Down, down fan. Now let me show you with a pique: down, pique, fan, down, pique, fan.

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