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How to Do the Jazz Layout Dance Move

Learn how to do the jazz layout from jazz dance expert Liz Piccoli in this Howcast dance video.


Now I'm going to show you a jazz layout. I think jazz layouts are one of
the most beautiful steps in jazz, and they're not done that often anymore.
So you guys should definitely start bringing the jazz layout back. Here's
how it's done.

You're going to step on your left foot in a quasi-position turned out. Your
right leg can either brush into devante or develope. I kind of prefer the
develope. At the same time as the leg extends to the devante with a nice
turned out leg, your back is going to combre all the way back and your arms
are going to go down and through, all the way by your ears. A common
mistake is bringing the arms up this way and then you can't get that nice
jazz point. So the arms need to come down and through, by your ears. I'll

It's important to have nice back flexibility for the jazz layout and really
stretch your back during that. You also need to have a strong core in order
to bring your body up. So do those crunches, do the pilates, and this is going to
help with your core. Do right or left.

A couple of things to remember. Keep that bottom leg in a nice, bent fondue
forced arch position and really push your hips forward so you're stretching
out into your toe. Long leg line, arms are stretching down and back.

And there you go, the beautiful jazz layout.

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