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How to Do a Pivot Turn Jazz Dance Move

Learn how to pivot turn from jazz dance expert Liz Piccoli in this Howcast dance video.


OK, now let me break down a very easy jazz step for you. Beginner, basic, pivot step. OK, you're going to step on the right and pivot, and step on the right, and pivot. This is a great step to teach kids how to weight change. You can also do it on the left. Step on the left on
your toes, up on your toes, and then pivot the body to the right shoulder. Step left, pivot right.

So again, step right, you turn towards your left shoulder. Step right, turn towards your left
shoulder. Reverse it. Step left, turn towards your right. Step left, turn towards your right. You can add a little bit of style into it, too, by placing your hands on your hips and we go, pivot, step, pivot, step, and pivot, step, pivot, step. Good.

Nice and slow. Up and pivot. Up and pivot. Keep that body nice and lifted. And step, pivot. Up on the toes, and pivot. Good. Now a little faster, and I'll show you on a diagonal. And we go. Pivot, step, pivot, step, pivot, step, pivot, step.

It's also helpful to use your head to spot towards the direction where you're looking at, so if you look here, then you whip that head. Look and whip. Focus is key. And that's the pivot step.

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