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How to Do a Calypso Leap Jazz Dance Move

Learn how to do calypso leaps from jazz dance expert Liz Piccoli in this Howcast dance video.


Now I'm going to demonstrate a calypso leap. You start out in fondu tendu into a nice kick and an attitude. Let me break that down for you. The arms first, so through first and then stretch all the way back into a while you're in the air. The position of the leap looks like this.

And I teach this, actually, on the floor. I'll show you. The one leg is extended out to the side. The left leg is in a nice elongated attitude and you're pressing into the. This is how the leap should look in the air on the ground. The preparation for the calypso leap starts in a nice fondu tendu. So you start in first position. Tendu the right leg. Fondu the left. Go into a tombe. Then a parallel pirouette. I mean, sorry, a parallel . The right leg fans up and around, extended out to the side. The hips go up and over as the left leg comes up into an attitude and you combre your back into the position.

It's a little bit hard to break down in that much slow motion because it's a big jump. But, let's try to do that with . Okay, this is a calypso leap. Slowly first. Not full out just so you see the mechanics of the leap. Tombe, parallel, extend into the combre attitude. Now I'll show you what it looks like to actually leap it. And there's a calypso leap.

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