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How to Do the Stag Leap Jazz Dance Move

Learn how to do the stag leap from jazz dance expert Liz Piccoli in this Howcast dance video.


All right, let me show you what a stag leap looks like. Let's break it down. So, you prep for the stag lead. Set right, left. Nice turn to opposition. The right leg brushes through first into a front attitude. The arms lift up. The back leg is going to push off the floor, and extend into your back attitude for the stag. A great stag combo exercise. It's not really a combo. A great stag exercise across the floor is just going from right from left. So, you would just go right, left, right stag leap into left, right, left stag leap. Let me demonstrate that in actuality, and then we'll do it to music. So, that's right, left, stag, left, right, stag. It's very important when your doing leaps that you're always rolling through your feet. So always think, toe, ball, heel. Toe, ball, heel. You're also pushing off the feet in order to get more height on your stag leap. Ready? And five, six, seven, eight. There you go. Stag leaps.

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