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How to Do a Chaine Leap Jazz Dance Move

Learn how to do chaines leaps from jazz dance expert Liz Piccoli in this Howcast dance video.


Alright. Now, I'd like to teach you what a chaine leap is.

We start again in a nice fondu tondu. Big tombe. Tombe is important, because it helps you with power and strength and control. Then you do a down chaine. So it's a parallel chaine. Our knees are bent. Body is pulled up. Arms are round.

After the chaine, you push up and over into the leap. Okay? So again the right leg fah mah, the left leg fah mahs derriere. Almost simultaneously. You're going to be in a full split in the air and it's going to be beautiful. Let me show you.

Fondu tondu, and chaine leap. Really push off of that back leg to get a nice height to the jump. After the chaine leap, you could roll to the floor, or you can do, what I like to do across the floor, is consecutive chaine leaps to really build power in the legs and the core. So chaine leap. And down, down, leap. And down, down, leap. I can't execute that in this space, but you guys can get a comprehension of that.

I'd like to demonstrate trying to do two of these to music for you. And start with the fondu tondu, and down, down, up. Down, down, up, and leap and roll.

Beautiful. Nice work everybody. Those are your chaine leaps.

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