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What Is Jazz Funk Dance?

Learn about jazz funk dance from jazz dance expert Liz Piccoli in this Howcast dance video.


So, what is jazz funk dance? Well, as jazz and dance progresses, choreographers and, you know, just people on the street want to try to fuse things together and transform them in their own way. So jazz funk originated, um, as an expression or a fusion of hip hop and jazz coming together as 1. One of the, um, major contributors of that is Frank Hatchet. He was the King of Bop. And he, uh, fused together all these street styles and funk and African American hip hop moves into the traditional jazz technique and created his own thing. Which is, uh, very cool and innovative. And, um, a lot of people really, uh, jumped on that bandwagon, and took a million classes with Frank Hatchet. And, uh, jazz funk is a great fusion of the jazz technique. As well as funk and soul and, uh, own personal styles, just, just meshing into, into the music and how you feel the music. And that's pretty much the definition of jazz funk.

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