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How to Jazz Dance with Liz Piccoli

Learn about Liz Piccoli, one of Howcast's jazz dance experts, in this Howcast dance video.


Hi, my name is Liz Piccoli and I am an SDC Associate Director/Choreographer and today I'm here as jazz expert to talk to you a little bit about myself and my experience.

I grew up in my mothers very small dance studio in Elmer, New Jersey and she would take me up to New York City and I would take class at Broadway Dance Center with some of the great jazz greats, Luigi and Nat Horne, Jose Meier, Frank Hatchett and Sheila Barker and I developed my sense of style and technique.

From there I went to Rutgers University where I was on a National Championship dance team. Then I went into the musical theater world and had a nice career in musical theater as well as performing for three seasons at the Metropolitan Opera as a ballet dancer which was an incredible experience.

I worked with Placido Domingo and a choreographer for the New York City Jazz Career project as well as choreographing some things off Broadway, The Cat with the Jewelled Claws, and recently Central Avenue Breakdown which was a jazz musical at the Nymph Musical Theater Festival.

I was also the SDC Observer of Dan Knechtges for Liz Estrada Jones off Broadway which then moved to Broadway and I also assisted Dan with the TV Land awards featuring Liza Minelli which was pretty much a career highlight for me to be able to work with Liza. She is an exceptional woman and artist.

Currently I'm going to be going to Hawaii to choreograph Oliver for the Ohona Arts program. I was also there last year and I choreographed the Wizard of Oz and I am just continuing on and trying to choreograph and enhance my artistic journey in as many was as possible.

You can find out more about me at I am available for master classes and choreography and would love to bring jazz into your world.

Now I'm going to share a little jazz dance with you.

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