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How to Create a Plan to Stop Smoking

Learn how to create a plan to stop smoking from addictions counselor Adam Steiner in this Howcast video.


Creating a stop smoking plan, this is very very important. I'm sure many of you, if you're watching this video, you've already tried to just throw out your cigarettes and alright, this is the last one I'm having. Or on my birthday I won't be smoking anymore. New Years Eve is the biggest favorite, that said my New Year's resolution: I'm not going to be smoking anymore New Year's day on. Which is all well and good and for some of you that might work but it's really important for you to write down a plan. The plan should include four things. The first thing on your plan that you write down is your quit date which should be one to two weeks out. I took a calendar and actually pointed with my eyes closed to the date that was going to be my first non-smoking day. The second thing is you should decide on using a nicotine replacement therapy or another medication. I chose the patch. The third thing is finding a support system, and write down the people you can use to support your quit. They should be people you can actually depend on to call. Usually people who have quit smoking already and know how difficult it is. The fourth thing is actions, besides the ones that we talked about, such as getting your carpet shampooed, throwing out your ashtrays, actions as far as joining a gym or starting to do some power walking, or getting some real healthy snacks in your house. These are the actions I'm talking about. There can be a whole list of actions. So having a concrete plan is really important, and then sticking to it.

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