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How to Develop a Support System to Quit Smoking

Learn how to develop a support system when quitting smoking from addictions counselor Adam Steiner in this Howcast video.


There are different kinds of support systems, and different kinds of supports for different people. Some people need aggressive, yelling at kind of support, like, "Why do you want to smoke? It’s no good for you. It causes cancer. It’s so bad. It stinks. I can’t stand being near you when you smoke." That might work for some people. Some people need to hear that, and that will stop them from picking up the cigarette. That’s not my case. I needed to hear loving support. "Adam. You look so much better. Your skin looks better. I love that you smell wonderful. Your eyes are beautiful. Everything is so much better when you don’t smoke. I want to be closer to you." That’s the kind of support. You get the idea, right folks? That’s the kind of support that I like.

But I meet people in my groups that they want to throw up from that kind of support. They don’t like it. They call it wimpy. So my point is you have to find the right support system that works for you. But you have to ask people to support you. You have to find out who are your smokers, who smoked in the past. Or if they didn’t smoke, who is willing to be there for you when you feel like picking up the cigarette, or who’s going to support you and tell you good job, or whatever it is that you need. But what’s important is that you set up that support system before you actually quit, so that you know you have it.

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