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Proven Strategies to Help You Stop Smoking

Find out the proven strategies that help you stop smoking from addictions counselor Adam Steiner in this Howcast video.


What I've seen that works the most, is when people actually take it seriously and make a plan. Make a quit plan and stick to that quit plan. And the quit plan needs to have a quit date, a support system, nicotine replacement therapy or medications. And actions that are, that makes sense to them, that they can do before during and after they've quit. Because its not just about quitting, its about staying quit. Another thing is that helps many people stay quit is changing their rituals. Smoking is not a bad habit, it is an addiction. However it is an addiction that comes with a lot of ritualistic habits. Such as where you buy your cigarettes. The walk that you take to get to work. People know intutively, exactly when to light up that cigarette right before they are parking their car for work or getting to their house. Its about changing your route going to go to work, changing your route home. Don't go to the same place where you bought your cigarettes, to buy your beverages or to buy your supermarket stuffs. Don't go into your neighbourhood, buncho'net, bodega or whatever it was, where they say "hey joe, pack of Marlboro for you." because they know you and that's what you always ask for. Go to another store where they don't know you. These are the things you must do. You must be willing to change everything. And remember, just doing it a day at a time is so much easier than looking at, 'I'm never gonna be able to smoke for ever'. Don't do that to yourself. Nothing is for ever and it can't be for ever. You don't know. But for this moment, you're not gonna smoke.

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