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Nicotine Replacement Therapy Overview

Learn how to use nicotine replacement therapy to help you stop smoking from addictions counselor Adam Steiner in this Howcast video.


There are several medications that help you quit smoking. 5 of these are nicotine replacement therapies. Which means that they have nicotine in them. There is the patch, the nicotine gum, the nicotine lozenge, the nicotine inhaler, and the nicotine spray. Two of these need prescriptions from your doctor. The other three are over the counter. The two that need prescriptions from your doctor are the nasal spray and the nicotine inhaler. I personally used the patch when I quit smoking 10 years ago. I love the fact that you could just put the patch on and go about your day. Back then, you needed a prescription for everything. And it was also told to the public that you can only use one at a time. Today I have learned through watching a lot of my clients quit smoking that were heavy smokers that they used the patch, and in emergencies, when they thought of ripping the patch off, they put a piece of nicotine gum in their mouth or they put a nicotine lozenge in their mouth. And that helped them with those extra emergency cravings. I highly recommend nicotine replacement therapies, because they give you a little bit of nicotine to help with the physical withdrawal, so that you could deal head-on with the psychological withdrawal.

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