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What Is Nicotine Gum?

Learn about nicotine gum and how to use it to stop smoking from addictions counselor Adam Steiner in this Howcast video.


One of the more popular nicotine replacement therapies is the nicotine gum. It's not like the nicotine gum that came out several years ago that didn't have any taste whatsoever. Today there are many different flavors that you can chose from. Now it differs from regular gum, where regular gum, or bubble gum you would chew chew chew, blow bubbles, you don't do that with the nicotine gum. When you chew on the nicotine gum you get a tingling sensation and that's the nicotine release to your salivary glands. You then park it between your teeth and your gums. When you feel like you need another fix of nicotine you let it back into your mouth, chew it again, and then park it again. You can use the same piece for about thirty minutes. I ask you to ask your medical provider if the gum is appropriate for you. It is over-the-counter so you don't need a prescription for it. One final thing I'd like to mention: if you're on the nicotine patch and you're a heavy smoker you can put a piece of gum in your mouth for those emergency moments where you feel like you want to rip the patch off and smoke. Instead, put a piece of nicotine gum in your mouth and chew it and park it; that will give you the resolve you need.

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