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What Is a Nicotine Inhaler?

Learn about nicotine inhalers to help stop smoking from addictions counselor Adam Steiner in this Howcast video.


Have you ever seen somebody walking around the street with something that looks like Morticia's tip to her cigar that she used to smoke from the Addams Family? Well, most likely that was the Nicotine Inhaler. The Nicotine Inhaler is a prescription-only medication. And the way that it works is you put a cartridge of nicotine into the inhaler and you pull on the inhaler. Just like you're smoking a cigarette. So I have to tell ya, I'm not a fan of the inhaler. In all the years I've been doing this work, I've only known one person to try to use it, and he didn't have successful run at it. The reason why I'm not a big fan is, because I believe in breaking the hand to mouth rituals. So if you're still doing something that mimics the behavior, it probably will lead you right back to the cigarette that you crave and love so much anyway. So, but by all means, obviously it must work for some people, otherwise it wouldn't be it on the market anymore. So, if that works for you, you have my blessing.

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