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How to Use Nicotine Nasal Spray to Stop Smoking

Learn how to use nicotine nasal sprays to stop smoking from addictions counselor Adam Steiner in this Howcast video.


The nicotine nasal spray.

You need a prescription from a doctor in order to get it. I personally don't know anyone who has ever used it, so I can't tell you the experience that anyone has with it. But I will tell you how it works. It works very similar to any nasal spray, an Afrin or, you know, an allergy nasal spray. You put it up to your nose. You spray the cartridge into your nose and it aspirates nicotine into the mucous membranes in your nose.

So once again, I'm not a big fan of the nicotine nasal spray at all. I don't know anyone that's ever used it, so I can't say much good about it. In fact, when I bring it up into my groups, the clients usually get the willies when I talk about how it aspirates into their nasal passages.

So that being said, if you've tried the patch and you've tried the gum, you've tried the lozenge and you've tried the inhaler, and you're still smoking, by all means try the nicotine nasal spray. Maybe that's the answer for you.

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