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Can an Electronic Cigarette Help You Stop Smoking?

Find out if electronic cigarettes can help you stop smoking from addictions counselor Adam Steiner in this Howcast video.


Is an electronic cigarette capable of helping you stop smoking? Many
people ask me that, they say, "What about the e-cigarette?"

Well, I have to tell you that it is capable. I've heard a couple stories where people have actually quit smoking using the electronic cigarette. But most times I hear that people are smoking more.

In fact, just the other day I have a friend who I'm trying to help stop smoking. And he decided to show off and come into house with an e-cigarette saying, "I'm not smoking in your house. There's no
smoke." And I said, "Oh, are you using this to quit smoking now? Are you
not smoking regular cigarettes?" And he went, "No." I said, "Oh, so you're
smoking more?" So and he actually said, "Yes, I am smoking more because now I'm smoking indoors and outdoors."

Well, I find that to be true for many, many people. I've heard more stories of people smoking more and also saying, "What am I doing with the e-cigarette when I really want a regular cigarette?"

So I don't know that it's a nicotine replacement therapy per se
but if it helps you, good luck.

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