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How to Get Counseling to Stop Smoking

Learn how to get counseling to stop smoking from addictions counselor Adam Steiner in this Howcast video.


Getting counseling to stop smoking. Well, I'm a smoking cessation counselor. So I am 100 percent in favor of it.

Not everyone needs it but I feel that most people do and there are different types. There are individual sessions and there are group sessions. My favorite is group sessions.

You might ask, "Why?" Well, I will tell you that most people that cannot quit smoking cold turkey are very ashamed of it. That the cigarettes have that much power or them. And they think that they're the only ones.

They can't understand it and they think there's something wrong with them. So when they come together in a group and they find out that everyone shares that same guilt and shame about the addiction it lets go of so much of it. And then it unblocks their belief that they can quit.

And you can. Once people quit smoking a lot of feelings come up because all those feelings have been pushed down from smokings. Oh, let me smoke over this or let me smoke over that. Oh this happened, give me a cigarette or that happened give me a cigarette. I have a test. I have a project at work. Let me smoke, smoke, smoke.

I mean it comes up over everything so getting counseling when you put down the cigarette because everything all the anxiety, the panic, all the different feelings, the stuff that you've pushed down all these years. Maybe not that many years. Maybe you haven't been smoking that long but you can't stop.

So getting counseling for these issues is so helpful. Let there be no shame in your game.

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