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How to Use Guided Meditation & Imagery to Stop Smoking

Learn how to use guided meditation and guided imagery to stop smoking from addictions counselor Adam Steiner in this Howcast video.


Using guided meditation or guided imagery to stop smoking and I know this, it can help you if you are stopping smoking or if you have stopped smoking and you want to continue stopping smoking. I for example bring my group's along in a little guided imagery. The deep breathing exercises to show them how quickly their mood's can shift, because very often when people quit smoking they end up getting very agitated very easily. Very angry, they feel lost at times and in middle of a work day, in the middle of a project, in the middle of cooking dinner. So I teach them how to bring themselves through a guided meditation. Guided imagery you need someone to help you. You need to hear a voice outside of you, I think. But guided meditation you can do yourself and it can bring you to a much better place. A different place when you are feeling really stressed and anxious. Even for people who don't smoke or never did it's a beautiful thing to work into your beautiful lives because sometimes life gets really tough.

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