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How to Kill a Tobacco Craving & Quit Smoking

Learn ways to kill tobacco cravings when quitting smoking from addictions counselor Adam Steiner in this Howcast video.


There are number of ways to kill tobacco cravings. For each one you is different. One that really helps a lot is drinking a lot of water. Another one would be, maybe having a toothpick in your mouth or a tea tree stick really, really helps also. Carrying around healthy snacks, like pumpkins seeds, celery sticks, cut up into small pieces or carrots, really help you. Deep reading, and if you can do a little meditation, if you've never done it before, just close your eyes and bring yourself to a beautiful place. That's another one, taking a walk around the block, looking up at the sky. Listening to music that's soothing. Taking a piece of nicotine gum, putting it in your mouth. Or also will help you kill that craving. And most important thing I could tell you is that it will pass. It really will, if you allow it to. So give yourself that gift of letting it pass and helping it along with one of those tricks, you come up with. Another one of my favorites is actually doing a chore that I really didn't wanna do. Like cleaning our your draw, going through my clothes in order to give away stuff that doesn't fit anymore, that I don't wanna wear anymore. Any kind of chore that will take your mind off things. I like to call it, move a muscle, change a thought. It works, try it.

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