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Is Hookah / Cigar Smoking Safer than Cigarette Smoking?

Find out if hookah or cigar smoking is safer than smoking cigarettes from addictions counselor Adam Steiner in this Howcast video.


Is Hookah or cigar smoke safer than cigarettes smoking? I am often asked this question. Well I'm not an expert on Hookah or cigar smoke. I do know these things: cigars have one to two more milligrams of nicotine than cigarettes. I mean, I should say, one cigar has one to two-hundred percent more nicotine than cigarettes do. The myth about Hookah is that water filters out the toxins. Well that's not true either and also while Hookah sessions last around 60 minutes usually it is an average from what I understand. The amount of nicotine that is taken in, along with tar and other carcinogens that is taken in is a lot more than your average cigarettes are. So the answer to both questions is, no. The last thing I want to say about cigar smoke is that, people think that because you don't inhale, you know, you don't actually practice going of a cigar, that the cigar smoke isn't going into your lungs and into your body. Well, think about it now, what about all the mucus membranes in your mouth. What about all the chemicals and nicotine and everything else that's in this cigar, aren't they going into your bloodstream? And don't you think some of that air is getting into your lungs? It's really maybe more than you think. So I would say that there is no safe level of smoke, period.

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