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How to Cope with a Nicotine Fit When Quitting Smoking

Learn how to cope with a nicotine fit when quitting smoking from addictions counselor Adam Steiner in this Howcast video.


In case you're having a nicotine fit there's a plan you should have. I like to call it the Emergency Plan.

This is when you're in your, you're feeling okay and all of a sudden you start to feel like, "Oh my god! I want a cigarette! I want an smoke! I want a smoke! I want to rip this patch off! I want to throw this gum out of my mouth and smoke so badly nothing gets..." Well, you know what I'm taking about.

So, you need to have an Emergency Plan. And, because you can't think that well, you should have this plan, like, in your wallet or in your phone. Whatever it is.

And the plan should have three things. One thing should be the phone number of one of the people in your support system. So, you call them up and you tell them that you want a smoke. Even if you get their voice mail. Leave it on the machine. At least you've taken the problem out of your mouth. You put it out. You've told on yourself. That might help it.

The second thing you want to do is to do something, like take a bubble bath if you can, if you're home. Take a walk around the block. Do deep breathing.

You have to make a plan of things that are, make sense to you. So, it would be, like, a to-do list thing that you would have for yourself.

And, the third thing, if you still feel like smoking, the third thing you would want to do is a delay tactic. So, a delay tactic would be, again, you know, if you didn't take a bubble bath try one now.

If you didn't take a shower. If you didn't take a walk around the block. If you didn't meditate or close your eyes. Or go into, if you're in the office, you want to go into a bathroom stall and just close your eyes and deep breath.
That will help you.

Also, if you have a task to do. Move a muscle, change a thought. It will go away. Give it a few minutes. Drink water and that will help you.

You have to really want it to go away, though. But don't keep it a secret. If you keep it a secret shame comes up and you most likely will smoke.

So, do the Emergency Plan.

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