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How to Deal with a Relapse

Learn how to deal with a relapse when quitting smoking from addictions counselor Adam Steiner in this Howcast video.


If you've quit for a short time or a longer time and you find yourself picking up a cigarette and smoking. Most likely you're gonna feel little nauseous, little dizzy, you might even throw up. That's the nicotine entering your body saying "What are you doing? What are you putting in me?" Your body is screaming out "Poison!, poison! Danger Will Robinson!" For those of you that are my age you know what that means. It's your body rejecting but after you have a couple of cigarettes your body adapts and now it feels good again and the nausea goes away and now you're in full relapse. I wanna tell you two things. If you've take those first few pops of a cigarette and you feel that feeling and you say "Oh, why did I do it?". Let it go. Call the lapse in judgement. Don't call it a relapse and just keep moving on. Keep your quit day or whatever it is however long you've been smoke free and learn from that mistake. Don't pick up even one, not even one puff. However, if you're hearing this and you've already smoke several cigarettes or maybe a smoking a couple of days already here's what you do. Three things. One, set a new quit day. Tomorrow. Not next week. Not next month but tomorrow. Get whatever you gonna use to help you. Maybe you just need a little seven milligram patch or a little gum. It depends on how long you've been smoking again. Second thing you wanna do is call somebody and tell them "I relapse and I'm quitting again tomorrow". So now you've become you're reporting yourself. You've become accountable for your quits and your relapse. And the third thing that I want you to do is take yourself out for a nice ice cream, a nice meal. Treat yourself to something really nice. Whatever you do don't beat yourself up because if you beat yourself up you just gonna keep smoking. It's not gonna help you. But give yourself a little reward for setting a new quit date and for telling somebody and becoming accountable. It really works. It's called the relapse plan.

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