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5 MMA Fighting Stance Basics

Learn five stance basics from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video.


Alright. I'm here to show you guys a basic modified Muay Thai stance for MMA.

If you're a righty, you always want to get your "power leg" back, alright, or your right leg back. You want your lead foot facing forward. You want you back foot, you want to be on the ball of the foot so that you're not flat footed on both feet. Knees should be slightly bent. I try not to teach the traditional Muay Thai stance. You want to be 50/50 with your weight. You want to drop your weight. So you want to sit into your stance. You want to keep you hands up high protecting the chin, keeping the chin down. You don't want you hands down here. Always protecting the chin.

If you're a lefty or a south-paw, alright, it's the same concept. Right leg forward, alright, left leg back. You want to sit into your stance and you want to hollow out your body. You don't want to stay up too tall. You want to stay ready for the sprawl or you want to stay ready to strike.

So from the right stance again: chin down, hands up high, alright, get you weight 50/50, and that's your basic modified Muay Thai stance for MMA.

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