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How to Throw a Jab in MMA Fighting

Learn how to throw a jab from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video.


Let's go over how to throw a basic jab. I'm gonna step off to the side. Your jab is gonna be thrown off of the lead hand, okay? Usually when I tell people to jab, I try to get them to step a little, so that when they throw the jab, they get their body behind it. When you throw the jab, keep the elbow down. Don't lift the elbow up, keep it down right to the very end as you throw the jab. So I'm stepping, and then leading with the shoulder and, if anything, the hand is the last thing to hit. I want to think, jab from the shoulder and also, keep that right hand up by the head. I want to protect the face as I jab. Chin stays down, again, step and then come back to your stance. Step with that jab so you get your body behind the jab. And that's how you throw your basic jab.

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