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How to Throw a Cross in MMA Fighting

Learn how to throw a cross from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video.


All right, let's go over your basic cross, how to throw the basic cross, for MMA or any type of striking situation. Again, from your stance, if you're a righty, obviously at this time you're throwing your power side, okay? I wanna make sure I get my body behind it again; sort of, the same way I threw the jab. I wanna pivot off of that back foot. I don't wanna over-commit because, again, I've gotta worry about that take down. So, I've gotta be ready to sprawl.

When I throw the cross, chin stays down. This time, the other side is gonna stay up to protect the head. So, from here, pivot; get the shoulder behind it and make sure don't lift that elbow up too early. Always throw punches with the elbows down; straight punches with the elbow down. Protect the other side of the head. Again, I have to be ready to sprawl. So come back up to your feet, after you fire that cross. And that's your basic way to throw a cross.

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