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How to Throw a Hook in MMA Fighting

Learn how to throw a hook from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video.


OK I have Renee here as my partner. We're gonna go over the basics on how to throw a hook. OK a hook punch usually again is thrown off of the lead side. OK if I’m against a south paw. Remember you always want to be careful against a south paw and when I throw the hook I wanna be ready to bring it back for that under hook, cause he's gonna come in for that single leg, alright, Against a righty makes it a little safer. So again the basic hook, remember I don't wanna just throw the arm, I wanna get my body behind the punch. So I'm gonna slightly chamber to throw the hook. Protecting the other side of the head and I'm gonna come across with the body. You can add in a little pivot, but as long as you get your hip and shoulder behind the punch. Don't leave yourself wide open for the counter, alright. Obviously you don't over commit because you're open for a take down. Alright, so again when you throw the hook make sure hip and shoulder come across. OK, and keep that hand up to protect the head. Again against a south paw when you throw the hook ideally you want to have you foot to the outside. Alright, and throw that hook punch. If you're here it leaves you open again for that single leg, but again you always wanna make you can get that under hook. And that's your basic way to throw a hook punch.

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