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2 Block Basics for MMA Fighting

Learn block basics from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video.


Let's go over some blocking basics. So obviously blocking for punches. I have Chad here who's going to help demo. So again, we're working from a righty against righty stance. So from your basic stance, maybe if a wide right hand comes in I want to cover. Alright, when I cover, I always want to try to think of protecting the whole side of my head. So he throws that wide right hand, alright, I want to wrap the head up and I want to put the bicep right to my temple. And I want to keep the elbow down the center because if it's a straight right hand and I leave that elbow out I can still eat the punch. So just to protect against the straight, I can cover, and against the wide right hand, I can cover. Okay?

Same thing with the hook. If that hook comes in, alright, I want to wrap up the head. This time I'm just going to pivot a little. Alright? Wrap the head up. Remember, don't leave this open because that punch can still sneak through. I want to tighten up the guard as much as I can, or the cover, and as he throws it I want to wrap the head up. So again, against the wide right hand, alright, I'm going to cover. Even against the straight right hand, I'm going to use that cover. When the hook comes in, same concept, wrap the head up. Okay?

So maybe we'll go a little faster. We'll go a left hook, a wide right hand. He'll throw the left hook, wide right hand combination, and when he throws it I just want to wrap the head up and then adjust, keeping my feet based out and my feet under me. I don't want to move my feet too much. I always want to have a good base, especially if I'm defending. So Chad will throw a little faster. Alright? And I wrap up. Again, wrap the head up and always, for defense, focus on your partner's or your opponent's center body. Try not to watch his hands. I want to watch the movements coming from the chest. Okay? Make sure you're wrapping the head up. And that's your basic covering technique for wide punches.

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