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How to Do a Basic Parry for MMA Fighting

Learn parry basics from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video.


We're gonna demo the basic parrying technique. I like to teach parrying against the jab not so much the cross. So we have Chad here again. He's just gonna throw one jab at me. OK, and when I parry, alright, it's a quick shot with the same side that he's throwing the jab on. So if he's throwing his left jab I'm gonna parry with my right hand. OK, cause it's on the same side as the jab. I never wanna cross up, cause then I'll be open for that follow up punch. So I'm gonna parry and when I parry I'm gonna use a open hand. I'm not gonna use a closed hand, cause I run the risk of missing, missing that punch. So I'm gonna open up the hand and I'm gonna knock it off center. Alright. So you're basic parry you don't wanna stop it or catch it. You just wanna knock that jab off center. So he's gonna throw it a little faster. I'm gonna parry, parry the jab. And try to catch it maybe right, right at the wrist or the forearm. Try not so much at the hand. This is a bigger striking area. So he throws that jab I try to catch it right on the wrist or maybe on the forearm and remember use that open hand, you know, you have a better chance of catching it. The reason why I don't teach the parry off of the rear hand, if you miss time it you eat that right hand. Alright, the best thing to do against that cross again obviously cover, but if that jab is coming in, alright, work on the parry. Don't leave your head at either. Keep your chin tucked in. Alright, he throws that jab. I wanna stay low and keep that chin tucked. And that's your basic way to parry a jab.

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