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5 Weave Basics for MMA Fighting

Learn weave basics from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video.


Speaker1: Okay guys. We're here to show some weave basics. Especially what not to do in MMA and Muy Thai. Okay? Some of you guys come from a boxing tradition. You've seen Mike Tyson go really low, like this, and look cool. Or Rocky. Don't do that. Bad. Chris, our Muy Thai champ, is going to explain why.

Chris: If you get a guy who's setting you up, and they start going under, you're obviously open for knees. Or you got that head kick. So you want to make sure, when you're going under, you're setting this up properly. Alright? Especially if you're coming in for that clench. So I'll throw the hook at Renee. He'll be in a orthodox stance. And he's going to set that weave up. And he's going to come in for that double a take down. Okay?

If he's in a southpaw stance and I throw that hook and he goes under, again, he's making sure that he gets that head close to the body. So he can close that distance for the clench.

Speaker 1: Right. If you're not shooting, do not do the weave. If you're just boxing, just striking, don't do it. Don't do it. You're going to get in a world of hurt. But if you want, if you're very good at closing the distance fast, then it's something you can do. So if here I fight southpaw. He throws. Boom, I'm out here. I can shoot the clench right here. I can shoot a high here. Pick him up. Right? Or come right to the back. But that's because I continued to close the distance. If I don't close the distance, I'm dead. I'm dead. Don't do it. Alright?

Only time you're ever going to weave, if the guy, either in MMA context or Muy Thai context, if you're going to shoot and clench up tight. Do not weave and strike.

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