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How to Counter the Jab in MMA Fighting

Learn how to counter a jab from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video.


Chris: Okay, we're going to go over some strike counters to the jab. So again, if it's righty against righty, Chad's going to throw the jab. I'm going to parry the jab and then fire a jab back. Alright? So that's your first basic counter. He throws the jab, I parry it, and I stick the jab back at him. Okay? So that's one counter. So one more time. I parry, I stick the jab back.

Second counter is if he throws a jab, I parry it again. This time I come over the top with the right hand. Okay? There's two things to throwing this right hand. I don't want to keep my chin way up the air. I want to to sort of get my head out to the side. So again, Chad throws a jab, I parry, I come over the top with a cross. So I want to protect my head by making sure the head is off to the side on a 45 degree angle. Same thing with a jab. If I parry and I fire it back a jab I want to move my head out to the side. I don't want to lead with my head for these strike encounters. I want to keep my head away. So he throws that jab, I parry, I move the head out, and I stick the jab. So again, he throws a jab, I stick the jab, he fires a jab, I come over with a cross.

One more counter. And you can parry the jab. You can also come around with that hook. Okay? That's another good way to counter the jab. I parry it, come around with a hook and I'm aiming for the chin. And again, I'm always keeping this right hand up to protect my head. So one more time. He throws a jab, I parry it, come across with that hook.

Chad: We're going to work on entries off of the jab. Alright? So Chris is going to show the jab personally as he does, I lower my stance, step at the same time, and shoot in for my single. Make sure to keep the head on the inside. Very similar entry. Another variation of the single, if the leg comes out, I am going to step in and drive as with my outside hand, make contact with the knee. Right to my [indecipherable 01:58]. So, one more time.

Alright guys, so that is your basic entry to a single leg take down off of a jab counter in MMA.

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