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How to Counter the Cross in MMA Fighting

Learn how to counter a cross from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video.


Okay, let's go over a couple of basic counters to the cross. I have Chad here again. Again, from a righty-righty situation. Chad is going to slowly throw the cross. Just for the drill I'm going to slip, okay? So it works for that basic slipping move where I slip my head to the outside. But not only am I moving my head, I'm putting the cross to his chin. Okay? So again, as I slip, I try to counter with my own cross. Okay? So I move my head off on a 45 degree angle, but I'm also doing a cross at the same time. So again, he fires a cross, I slip and hit. Again, slip and hit. One more time. Slip and hit. Okay?

So, the second counter, you can counter with a hook. Alright? But this time I'm slipping my head to the outside, so as he counters with that, or he throws that cross I'm going to counter with my lead hook. So again, I move my head to the outside and obviously I'm putting the hook to the chin, but for now I'm just going to put it on a glove with the hand for target practice. I want to make sure that when he throws across I don't leave my head center lined because I'll still get hit with the cross. I move my head out to the side so that I can come across or over with that hook. Okay? So a little faster. He throws a cross, I come over the top with a hook. So that's a basic way to counter the cross.

What he doesn't want to do is he doesn't want to leave his chin down so he's open for that counter. So again, I can counter that cross with that hook. So again, he throws a cross. I'll come with my own cross, or he throws a cross and I come with my own hook. And I'll also, off of a MMA counter to the cross, if I throw the cross Chad will come in for that double leg take down.

Those are your basic counters to the cross.

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